EDGECAM Version 10.5 - March 2006

New 4-/5-Axis simultaneous machining capability
includes SWARF cutting for machining variable taper walls, multi-surface finishing with inbuilt collision avoidance, profiling strategies for finishing and de-flashing of plastic moulded components and 4-Axis rotary for the machining of camshafts, blades and rotary dies for example.

New Plunge Roughing cycle
for rapid removal of large amounts of metal.

New Rest Profiling
allows a succession of smaller tools to be applied in profiling cycle for more efficient toolpath generation, avoiding extra work and time caused by leftover material.

EDGECAM machine tool simulation
Enhanced to offer 3D graphical representation of the machine tool and fixtures for mills, lathes and mill/turn centres. Aids visualisation of 5-Axis simultaneous machining, where small changes in angular movement may generate dramatic movement of the machine tool giving potential for collisions.

Enhanced usability
Powerful customisation tools help improve workflow by allowing the user to tailor the EDGECAM interface. With the new Transfer option in EDGECAM 10.5 custom tools, toolbars and menus can be copied and shared between PCs and users for ease-of-use and consistency.

Enhanced feature finding
includes ability to display solid faces according to their degree of slope, automatic selection of multiple faces for Face Feature, new Edge Loop feature and automatic feature recognition of multiple faces.

EDGECAM Part Modeler 10.5 enhancements
Create your own graphics, to any level of detail, by representing your machine tool in EDGECAM Part Modeler and output the model for use in machine simulation with a mouse click.