EDGECAM Version 12 - September 2007

Head-Table machines

Windows Vista

ToolStore switched to SQL.

Prismatic Geometry option added to Roughing cycle.

2D Profiling and Roughing Cycle Times Improved.

Profiling cycle - CRC Possible with Solids.

New Hole Cycle and Feature Type made the Default.

Hole Cycle Hole Pattern Improvements.
Allowance for misalignment of rows and columns possible. Improvements to Start Position selection.

Hole Machining Ordering - Closest Next Enhancement.

Pivot About Tool Tip option introduced for Head indexing.

Always Reset Rotary Datum
option introduced to avoid unwinding between Five Axis cycles.

Strategy Manager Enhancements:
  • Sub-Strategy nodes introduced.
  • Global attributes introduced.
  • Strategy Attributes introduced.
  • Convert Legacy Strategy introduced for updating strategies based on the superseded,  Hole feature attributes and cycle.
  • Password protection of strategy editing introduced.
  • Conditional assignment introduced for expressions.

Solid Works 2008 support

Solid Edge 20 support

Option to change the CNC code editor
(that automatically opens when you have 'Open Editor' checked in the Generate CNC dialog) introduced.

Alternate Solution option
introduced for Lathe Index moves