EDGECAM Version 2010 R1

New Thread Mill Cycle

Utilising EDGECAM’s proven helical technology, 2010 R1 introduces a new and more powerful Thread Milling Cycle. The cycle can be used to machine wireframe and solid (associative) geometry, and offers support for helical arcs, canned cycles and integrated cutter radius compensation, as well as simplified lead moves.


Open Mill Feature

Automatic Feature Recognition has been extended to offer a new Open Mill Feature. The new Feature extends the capability for Solid Machinist users to effortlessly machine flat, open sided features which may contain both tapered walls and fillets.
Moreover, Open Mill Features strengthens EDGECAMs automation capability by being fully compatible with Strategy Manager.


Rough Grooving

The Rough Grooving cycle has been further enhanced by now offering a new ‘peck across’ option. The new feature is designed to improve material removal rate and prolong tool life, ultimately helping reduce on-going costs of manufacture.
The Castellation option has been enhanced by now offering a variable feedrate option.
The overall cycle time of the Rough Grooving command can now be optimised by using the new ‘Approach’ options.


Finish Turning

Following developments in Rough Turning in recent releases, the ‘Use Current Stock’ option has been added to the Finish Turn cycle.

The function enables you to automatically restrict the toolpath to only those regions that have stock. This significantly reduces the need for manual intervention and allows a user to develop tool paths more efficiently.


Machining either side of the Spindle Centreline

2010 R1 has extended support for lathes capable of turning either side of the spindle centreline. As well as automatically creating Turn Features in both the X-ve and X+ve zones, the toolchange command now offers a new ‘Centreline Side’ option.

Having detected spindle direction, EDGECAM will automatically choose the correct side of the spindle centreline.


Plunge Roughing - Now using current stock

The last release of EDGECAM saw the introduction of 'In Process' stock in the milling environment, in the Roughing cycle. In EDGECAM 2010 R1 this functionality has been extended to the Plunge Roughing cycle.

The remaining stock volume is now automatically detected by the cycle thus promoting a more efficient toolpath and decreasing cycle time.


Code Wizard

A new template has been added to the code wizard library based on the very popular Siemens 840 Mill. Based on factory proven techniques, the template is supplied complete with configured post processor and allows a user to create a Siemens Control post processor a lot quicker


Windows 7

EDGECAM 2010 R1 has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with Windows 7, the next generation of the Windows operating system.


New Turning Operations

EDGECAM 2010 R1 introduces four new turning operations: Rough Grooving, Finish Grooving, Straight Turning and Parting Off.
The operations have a graphical user interface, specifically designed to improve usability. On selecting a modifier, an image or video explains the meaning of this parameter. Embedded help provides instant access to further information without the need to open an additional window.

Furthermore, all Milling and Turning Operations have been enhanced with “Use Current Tool’ option.


Part Modeler Drawing Enhancements

The new Create Fixture Assembly option in Part Modeler allows you to mark a solid as a fixture. Fixtures can be made up of several different solids and the new option allows you to group individual components into a single fixture.
When dealing with Detail Drawings, Part modeler now offers ‘Detail View’ which provides a scaled up balloon view of a model. The new ‘feature annotation’ command enables users to extract design data from the model and apply them automatically to the drawing.
Dimensioning can now be dynamically created and will also support hidden details.