EDGECAM Version 2011 R2

2011 R2 is a release that once again includes something for all users of EDGECAM, from improvements to the importing of CAD data, feature recognition and into manufacture where new cycles and options are available before full collision checking in Simulator.


New Flow Surface Cycle

The new Flow Surface cycle follows the flow of the surfaces which is ideal for machining fillets and 3D surfaces.  The cycle offers the following benefits:
  • Improved surface finish.
  • Helical support to reduce link moves.
  • Multiple face and surface support.

3 to 5 Axis Cycle

You can now convert a Profiling to a 5-axis cycle by using the new 3 to 5-Axis Cycle command. The new cycle is available with ballnose tools and
  • Allows you to use shorter tools for improved stability.
  • Protects the shank and holder from collisions.
  • Offers an easy method to create a 5-axis cycle.

Linear Axis Limit Checking

EDGECAM will now report when a cycle has exceeded the limits of the machine tool and indicate axis and direction.  This allows you to take corrective action immediately.

  • Improved machine checking.
  • Reduced prove out time.

Full Collision Checking in Simulator

Following improvements to collision checking in the last version, Simulator has been further enhanced in EDGECAM 2011 R2. You can now check all machine graphics against the stock, fixtures and other parts of the machine.

  • Visual indications of all collisions.
  • Collisions displayed in output window.
  • Offline checking of machine setup allows you to carry out actual setup with confidence and get it ‘right first time’

Improved View Management

View management has been enhanced in version 2011 R2. New options to control the views are available in EDGECAM and Simulator:

  • Dynamic view rotation.
  • Relative to world co-ordinates, machine co-ordinates or CPL.
  • Dockable window for optimised screen layout.
  • Four ISO views to choose from.

Roughing Cycle Toolpath Re-ordering


Faster Loading and Picking of Solid Models

The storage of solid models in the EDGECAM part file has been improved.

  • Up to 30% faster loading times.
  • Changing between render modes (wireframe, hidden line, solid) up to 10 times faster.

Creating Surfaces from Faces

A new Copy from Surface option has been added to the Solids menu ►Geometry command that allows you to create surfaces from the faces of solid models.

  • Useful when working with the 5-axis cycles and operations.
  • Gives you the ability to trim or extend these surfaces to improve or help define a 5-Axis cycle.

Improved What's New Documentation

What’s New in EDGECAM 2011 R2 is now a single, easy-to-read document in PDF format.
As always, the document highlights new features and enhancements in this release. In addition, the new format offers a number of benefits:

  • Eliminate confusion caused by having two different files with different content.
  • Easier to print part of or the complete document.
  • Improved navigation (table of contents, bookmarks and hyperlinks).