2012 R2 is a release combining new strategies with an improved user interface across many aspects of the software. The strategies will make creating tool paths effortless and the improvements to the user interface will get your result much faster than before.


Quill Support in Milling

EDGECAM 2012 R2 introduces quill support. This allows you to program a secondary Z axis (Z2) on milling machines for use by EDGECAM, Simulator and Code Generator. The secondary Z axis can be in the head or the table.

  • In Code Wizard, specify parametric or custom quill graphics
  • New command to select the currently active Z axis in EDGECAM
  • Simulation of quill movements and collision detection

New Advanced Five Axis Cycle

The Advanced Five Axis cycle is an extension of the standard 5 axis cycle and offers a number of new features and advantages over the standard cycle.

  • Graphical user interface
  • Interactive picking/geometry selection
  • Additional calculation methods

Steady Rests in EDGECAM

EDGECAM 2012 R2 introduces support for programmable steady rests. This allows machines to be configured with steady rests for use by EDGECAM, Simulator and Code Generator.

  • In Code Wizard, specify parametric or custom steady rest graphics
  • Control steady rest movements in EDGECAM
  • Simulation of steady movement and collision checking

Improved Display and Editing of Cycle Selections

Following a limited release in the previous version, 'intelligent picking' has been extended in EDGECAM 2012 R2 to support most milling and turning cycles.

Each selected element - such as cycle geometry, boundary or start point - is now listed under the relevant cycle in the sequence browser and can be highlighted and edited individually.

When an element is edited the current geometry is automatically selected in the graphics area and you can easily add to it or remove elements.

  • Display of current geometry selection
  • Add to or subtract from selection
  • Add new element types without having to reselect everything
  • Double-click an element to edit it

Rotary Machining of Mill Features

Using the new Solids menu ► Rotary Mill Feature command it is now possible to manually identify and machine simple rotary features that are located on a cylinder. The Rotary Mill features can be machined on Milling and Mill/Turn machines. Typical simple mill features that can be detected and machined include:  

  • Helical grooves
  • Slots
  • General cavities (pockets, engraving etc)
  • Bosses (raised areas) on cylinders

Strategy Manager – Planning Board

The Planning Board is a user interface tool designed for use with machining strategies, and it is used in conjunction with the Feature Browser. The Planning Board gives greater control over the manufacture order and the application of strategies. It gives graphical feedback indicating which strategies have been applied.

  • Strategies can be applied one at a time, applied to a marked set or applied to all.
  • Strategies can be removed from the Planning Board if they are not required.

Start Simulation from any Instruction

Simulator has been enhanced in EDGECAM 2012 R2 so that you can now start the simulation from any point in the instruction list. 

  • Use the Sequence Browser (now available in Simulator) to start  the simulation at any point by clicking the instruction in the list
  • Rewind to any previous point in simulation
  • No need to simulate the whole sequence each time, pick exactly which instructions to simulate