The exciting new functionality in EDGECAM 2014 R2 begins to show how EDGECAM Workflow will be the default method for using EDGECAM. Automatic conversion of 2D design data to a 3D model, and other significant enhancements to EDGECAM Worfklow, from user interface to improved automatic machining processes, are some of the important aspects in the latest release of EDGECAM software enhancing EDGECAM Workflow to a new level of capability. 
EDGECAM 2014 R2 has just been launched, and several items of new and enhanced functionality demonstrate why it continues to lead the way in improving productivity and flexibility for manufacturers, increasing their profitability. 
General Manager Raf Lobato says: “There are a number of exciting new aspects in EDGECAM 2014 R2, including 2D to 3D for Part Modeler, the new EDGECAM Workflow Solids modeler, comprehenisve machining strategies in EDGECAM Workflow, and dynamic co-ordinate system creation. In addition, job reports are now available on portable devices. They all come for free for EDGECAM users who are on a Software Maintenance Plan.”
Amongst the new and enhanced functionality available in EDGECAM 2014 R2: 

2D to 3D for Part Modeler

This ensures old 2D legacy design data can be used in EDGECAM Workflow without the need for total part re-modelling. A 2D drawing can now be converted automatically into a 3D model quickly and accurately by simply selecting the views and tracing the part outline.

EDGECAM Workflow Solids (EWS)

Offers a fast and simplistic approach to creating simple CAM-ready 3D solid models, delivering standard modelling functions such as extrude, revolve, and blend, supported by parametric sketching. A feature wizard allows for the rapid creation of specific hole types. An interactive story board means users can remodel and edit the original design by quickly selecting the process to be edited, and re-applying the changes.

EDGECAM Workflow

Workflow been enhanced in all areas, with the inclusion of EWS,  customisable ribbon bars laid out in a logical process order, and improved machining strategies to enable toolpaths to be generated quickly and efficiently while considering the component stock, fixtures and material.

Dynamic co-ordinate system creation

The new software includes an interactive way of creating construction planes (CPLs), by simply dragging the CPL marker from the bottom left of the screen onto a face, vertices or edge, and the CPL marker automatically snaps and orientates as required. Dragging the marker over the model instantly offers options of alignment and location, making it easy to find the preferred origin.

Job reports on portable devices

View job reports on standard portable devices via internet browsers. Reports can be searched, viewed and printed anywhere, at any time.

Adveon integration

EDGECAM 2014 R2 will be the first CAD/CAM platform to integrate Sandvik’s Adveon Tool Library. Adveon is a single tool library, managing tools from a number of manufacturers, and guarantees accurate geometrical information. While the engineer’s input is reduced, users can rapidly build tooling databases, and have access to 3D CAD models for accurate simulation and visualisation.

Direct import of tooling information from Mazak machines

An interface loads the .DAD file from Mazatrol controls and stores the .DAD tooling data instantly in EDGECAM’s Toolstore. Ensuring that the tool selection in EDGECAM reflects the tools available on the specific machine, means only tools on the machine can be selected, eliminating machine setup downtime. 
Raf Lobato says: “With so much game-changing technology in each new release, it’s no wonder many machine manufacturers are choosing to partner with EDGECAM to provide a full solution for their customers’ machining needs, which includes the right software as well as the machine. EDGECAM is providing the CAM part of that solution.”
Highlighting this trend, a number of machine tool manufacturers and agents used EDGECAM  to program live cutting demonstrations at the recent MACH exhibition. Mazak, Matsuura, Hurco, Engineering Technology Group, ROMI and YMT Technologies all chose EDGECAM to demonstrate the full capabilities of their machines.
Workflow Webinar, The EDGECAM technical team will be presenting Workflow webinars, reviewing the latest developments that have been implemented, and discussing the three levels of manufacturing intelligence which offer true flexibility. “During the presentation we will demonstrate how easily EDGECAM Workflow can be used to create and manufacture simple 2D prismatic parts progressing to advanced components using multi task machines with simultaneous 5 axis capability,” says Raf Lobato.