EDGECAM Version 8.5 - February 2004

New Profiling Cycle 
New cycle for 2D geometry, surfaces and solids, offering integrated cutter compensation, advanced start and end positioning controls, full set of corner rounding strategies, and helical profiling.

Enhanced Roughing Cycle
New option inserts trochoidal moves where required, but only if possible. Adaptive rest roughing allows the user to rest machine any roughing toolpath on the same CPL and pick the toolpath to rest rough directly from the model.

Flat Land Finishing Enhancements
Cycle allows the user to machine open areas from the outer edge inwards and supports rest machining.

Check Surfaces
New option in the Parallel Lace and Profiling cycle identifies surfaces or face features to be excluded from cutting.

Advanced Turning Code Wizard templates
Support for sub-spindle and B axis lathe configurations. New adaptive templates.

Less input required within the cycle dialog as cutting parameters relating to a specific tool can be stored with the tool rather than the cycle.

EDGECAM Simulator 
Automatically apply user defined display settings. All display settings now modal.

EDGECAM Part Modeler 2.5
New version available.